The Amazing Sassy is a web comic created and drawn by me, Jeremy L. Redlien, the author and creator of the blog Queering the Closet where I write reviews of queer films and articles on both philosophical and queer issues.

The Amazing Sassy is about a boy Jack and his dog, Sassy, who happens to think she is a cat. Jack is a highly intelligent young thing, although nobody recognizes it, being raised by his two moms, for whom he manages to create a lot of grief.

I created The Amazing Sassy after I had to put Sassy, the dog I had since I was 12, to sleep as a way of helping me work through my grief.  Jack is based a little bit on me and my own experiences.

I have been a comic fan every since I was young and read Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, and many others in the local paper.  Now I read XKCD religously.  I would consider these to be my main inspirations for The Amazing Sassy.